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First Grade 1st Grade May 2017


In May, we will be finishing up our character unit and beginning Reading Non-Fiction (Cover to Cover/Book Clubs). Children will explore the wideness of the world and see that there are wonders much bigger than their own.

In May, our writers will be finishing up Realistic Fiction writing and beginning to Write Like a Scientist and complete lab journals after doing multiple experiments in class.



Our Mathematicians will be exploring the exciting world of graphs! Students will learn how to collect and represent data in addition to organizing and interpreting information. Students will compare and contrast data found and analyze their findings. We will continue to work on problem solving to prepare for second grade.

Ch.9 test will be the week of 5/8


social studies

The first graders will be learning all about the significance of many of America’s famous symbols, such as the American flag and the Bald Eagle.



Science In May, we will be finishing up our STEAM projects in class to prepare for the Science Fair. In June, we will start our unit on weather and seasons.





Positive Action

Our first graders will be starting Unit 5, Telling the Truth. We will be learning about getting along with ourselves by using positive actions for telling ourselves the truth. When we tell ourselves the truth, we are being honest with ourselves and we feel good about ourselves. Truth is a very important concept that means something you can count on. You can reinforce this concept at home by encouraging your child to talk to you about what they are learning each day.