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May 2017


In Reading Workshop, students read unfamiliar content, decide what information is most important to grasp and remember, compare and contrast information from different, and learn how to organize and synthesize to teach others. Students will also learn that nonfiction takes a special kind of reading. Readers will pay close attention to the underlining structures of text in order to determine main ideas and key details.

In Writing Workshop, writers focus on structure, development, voice, figurative language and conventions. Writers learn how fairytales go – structure and craft – and then how to make their own adaptation of an existing fairytale.




In Math, students will be asked to define and classify two-dimensional shapes based on their attributes. In doing so, they will justify their decisions and other students will agree or explain why they disagree. During the month of June, students will work on the GoMath unit – Getting Ready for Fourth Grade.

Vocabulary: angle, closed shape, line, two-dimensional shape, polygon, right angle



In Science, students will be learning about what plants and animals need to survive, functions of different parts of plants, how plants make food, invertebrates and vertebrates.

Vocabulary: deciduous, evergreen, nutrients, chlorophyll, photosynthesis, oxygen, vertebrates, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, invertebrates.



social studies

Students will continue to work on the 8 strands of Social Studies as we read about, discuss and research Italy and Brazil.





3rd grade
301 Hyman Denise
302 Shelley, Kara
303 Steincke Mary Lou
303 LaRocca, D.

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5/6 Parents as Learning Partners
5/22 301-302 Field Trip
5/23 303 Field Trip
5/29 Memorial Day No School
6/3 Parents as Learning Partners
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