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4th grade 4th Grade

May 2017


During May, our readers and writers will be continue and finish up their research projects using all the information they have learned about the American Revolution to create their “All About the American Revolution” books.

In June, readers will transition into Author Study Book Clubs. Readers will become experts of a specific author by reading a variety of books they’ve written. The goal is for readers to connect with the author’s body of work and become inspired by the author’s craft.

In June, writers will begin a unit on Journalism. During this unit writers will learn to craft news reports with drama, focusing on who, what, where, and when. They will pay close attention to the structure and tone of their news reports to really capture the attention of their reader!



Mathematicians will begin learning about the relationship between fractions and decimals. We will learn how to record decimal notation for fractions and how to compare decimal fractions.

We will then transition into learning about relative sizes of measurement units. Students will learn how they can use size of measurements to solve problems and how to generate measurement tables that show a relationship.

We will also be focusing in June on important 5th grade concepts that the students will need come September.


social studies

Historians will be continuing their study of transportation in May. They will be learning about Robert Fulton’s Steamboat, the Erie Canal, the Brooklyn Bridge and Robert Moses. Learning Menus are due the second week in May. We look forward to reading them!

June will bring the exciting unit of Immigration. Almost all of us come from somewhere else; it is so exciting to learn about the struggles of our ancestors.



Our Scientists will be preparing for the Science state test in May. Students will be practicing both written test strategies as well as hands on strategies. We will be getting in the lab and measuring liquids, testing batteries, learning about velocity and more!

Our Performance portion, (hands on) of the Science test will take place the week of May 24th. Each class will go on a different day. The written portion of the test will be given on June 5th.



Upcoming Events

5/2-5/4: Math State Exam
5/5-5/10: Math State Exam Make Up
5/17: Science Fair
5/19: PALP
5/22: TC Running Record Window Opens
5/22: Philadelphia Trip
5/24: State Science Performance Window Opens
5/26: Career Day
5/20: Memorial Day (SCHOOL CLOSED)
6/5: State Science Written Exam

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