Dear P.S. 101Q Parents,

I hope you and your children are off to a wonderful start to the school year. In an effort to lift the level of instruction in our school, I have set some instructional goals for our school. The entire teaching staff is working together to develop plans and implement the plans around these instructional goals. Teachers are participating in study groups around these goals and are keeping these goals in the forefront of their daily collaborative planning sessions.

Assessment will be fully integrated into instruction, through extensive use of formative assessment.

1.       A variety of forms of feedback, from both the teacher and peers, is accurate and specific and advances learning.

2.      Teachers utilize assessments to determine whole group, small group and one to one instruction.

3.      Students peer assess and self-assess to monitor their progress.

Throughout the year, you should expect to see school initiatives that support one or more of these goals.


Monique Paniagua
Principal, P.S. 101Q

Curriculum 13