Welcome back!

This school year is a particularly exciting time for our community, past and present members, as we commemorate the opening of P.S. 101Q a hundred years ago in a temporary building affectionately known as The Little Red Schoolhouse.

We will have more information coming soon about our plans to celebrate, and we hope you join us. In the meantime, do you have story to tell, or a picture to share related to your time here? We’d love for you to share it with us:



Virginia Lewis Mac Innes,
P.S. 101 is your school, and I know that you are proud of it. It was my school too…Our school day commenced with the pledge of allegiance and a reading of the old testament from the bible.
We always had a May Pole Dance on the first day of May. I will never forget being tangled up in the colorful streamers and leaving the party in tears. We danced Virginal reels, minuets, and played games like blind man’s bluff.
Our classes were 1A, 1B, etc. One vivid memory I have was of running through the halls of our school on wide wooden boards which made a lot of noise. Miss O’Connor kept hushing us to quiet down and she tried to teach us to walk on the balls of our feet!
Kathleen Hales Calvagna,
Class of 1968
Keisha Cuthbertson Wilson,
Class of 1981
Iris Shllomo Obadiah,
Class of 1982
Mr. Floyd Hasselriis,
Class of 1935