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April 2017


We will begin our author study and insect unit by reading The Grouchy Lady Bug and discussing what makes us grouchy. We also will discuss different ways of coping when we feel angry and grouchy. We will extend our vocabulary by introducing the words; aphids., fin, and hyena. We will reinforce the meaning of the words grouchy, insist, and friendly.

We will read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and practice sequencing and recall. We will also read The Very Quiet Cricket and reinforce sensory details. We will discuss and try to imagine what the male cricket was saying to the female cricket or what he may want to say to some of the other insects in the story. After reading The Very Lonely Firefly, we will reinforce the concept of friendship by discussing the qualities of a good friend. We also role-played friendly behavior. We will write shape poems using the vocabulary and descriptive words we learned about insects.


We will focus on math by graphing our favorite insects. We will also count and pattern insects by recreating and inventing patterns. We will pretend to catch fireflies and put them in a jar. We will tie this to subtraction by decomposing and regrouping the number of fireflies. We will count the spots on ladybugs and practice adding the numbers. We will categorize the ladybugs into groups according to even and uneven spotted ladybugs.


social studies


We will be discussing how some insects, like ants, termites, and honeybees, are very social and work together. Social insects work together like humans do to find food, other resources, and communicate its location to the others in their community. We will be learning about the teamwork some insects perform and enjoy practicing activities that reinforce this concept like “Share Chair” and “Build A Web”.


We will be studying the parts of an insect, different varieties of insects, and their habitats. We have ordered a ladybug habitat with live ladybugs for this activity unit. As time goes by, we will watch the ladybugs and see what changes they make daily. Each week, each child will be given a paper to describe with drawings or words what happened to the ladybugs in that particular week. Possible answers could be how much food they ate, what they ate, did they change color in any way, are there the same number of ladybugs each day? We will compile the observations into a class journal. We are also waiting for the arrival of our caterpillars, which we will raise and observe as they grow into butterflies.

Seeds and Plants

We have been addressing all content areas through our seed and plant unit. Focus objectives of this unit are: 
 Students will be able to: 
 1. Identify plant parts, where seeds come from and how they grow. 
 2. Determine what plants need to survive 
 3. Recognize how plants are a benefit to people and our planet.


Coming up next:

Watch out for the Gingerbread Man! We will explore content areas through a study of gingerbread stories. We will also be celebrating books by Dr. Seuss and Ezra jack Keats. Pre-K will look at clothing in our everyday lives and study seeds and plants!

Thank you for contributing goodies and attending our Valentine’s celebration! It was so much fun creating and moving to music with you around our room! The craft was an exercise in using fine motor skills for all of us! The movement activity is one of the ways we use our gross motor skills when we need to stay inside due to inclement weather.


The firefly at night goes blink blink blink.

Blink blink blink, blink blink blink.

The firefly at night goes blink blink blink,
All around the town.

The bee in the flower goes buzz buzz buzz,
Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz.

The bee in the flower goes buzz buzz buzz,
All around the town.

The ants in the grass go march march march,

March march march, march march march.

The ants in the grass go march march march,
All around the town.

The cricket in the leaves goes chirp chirp chirp,
Chirp chirp chirp, chirp chirp chirp.

The cricket in the leaves goes chirp chirp chirp,
All around the town.

Can You Move With Me?
Sung to: "Do Your Ears Hang Low"

Can you wiggle like a worm?
Can you squiggle? Can you squirm?
Can you flutter? Can you fly like a gentle butterfly?
Can you crawl upon the ground
Like a beetle that is round?
Can you move with me?
Can you flip? Can you flop?
Can you give a little hop?
Can you slither like a snake?
Can you give a little shake?
Can you dance like bee
Who is buzzing round a tree?
Can you move with me?


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Mrs. R. Savoth Family Worker
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Boring, Mel. Caterpillars, Bugs, and Butterflies.
Carle, Eric. The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Carle, Eric. Very Busy Spider
Carle, Eric, The Grouchy Ladybug
Carle, Eric, The Very Quiet Cricket
Carter, David A. Alpha Bugs.
Chrustowski, Rick. Bright Beetle
Diggory Shields, Carol. The Bugliest Bug.
Finn, Isobel. The Very Lazy Ladybug.
Gerth, Melanie. Ten Little Ladybugs.
First Discovery, Scholastic, Insects
Llewellyn, Claire, The Best Book of Bugs
Scholastic, Are You a Butterfly?
Gibbons, Gail, Recycle
Murphy, Stuart, Earth Day, Hooray


We are looking forward to our visit from a Park Ranger from Fort Totten! The Park Ranger, will introduce us to many concepts that we will be able to investigate throughout our insect unit.

We are talking about taking care of our earth and how we can help by recycling and saving energy. We also will be talking about how bugs help our soil and trees and how plants keep our soil and air healthy. We will talk about recycled materials and brainstorm what materials can be recycled for our own use. We will be decorating canvas bags for daily use so we can help prevent plastic bags from cluttering the environment.

Earth Day Song Sung to: "Mary Had a Little Lamb 

Plant a seed and you will see, you will see, you will see, Plant a seed and you will see What a beautiful world it can be. Help us to recycle things, recycle things, recycle things, Help us to recycle things, What a beautiful world it brings. Put your trash where it belongs, where it belongs, where it belongs, Put your trash where it belongs, And the world stays beautiful for long.


Thank you for coming to our Gingerbread Story Publishing Party. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!