Summer Reading 2017


June 27, 2017

Dear Students and Parents of Grades 1-6:

Summertime is perfect for reading the books you’ve wanted to read all year, but just haven’t had the time. Research has proven that summer reading not only keeps reading skills strong, but also enhances critical thinking skills. So take the opportunity this summer to strengthen your reading skills by sitting back and getting “Lost” in a book!
Each student in grades 1-6 will be provided with a school reading log. Please feel free to make extra copies of the reading log. It will also be posted on our website. Suggested book list will also be posted on our school website Books will be categorized by reading level. Please read daily and log what you read and for how long. Parents please remember that students may also read their books on MYON. You will receive your child’s log on information in a separate letter that will be mailed home. Parents should sign the reading log daily. The suggested time for reading would be a minimum of 20 minutes for first through second grade students and minimum of 30 minutes for third through sixth grade students. We encourage students to read for longer periods than the minimum amount required. The logs will be collected by the new classroom teacher on the first few days of school. Students will receive a “Homework Pass” that can be used for any missed homework assignment in the month of September.
As you return to school this September, we will be hosting our annual “Summer Reading Fair.” The goal of the reading fair is to give you a chance to share one of your favorite books from your summer reading log with the rest of the school in a creative way. The Reading Fair also gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your favorite part of a book.

In order to celebrate these wonderful titles, we are asking for each student to display information about a book they have read over the summer. These displays should be presented on tri-fold boards (available at Walmart, Target, and Staples.) The information can be typed or handwritten and use bright, colorful, and neat illustrations and words! Students can even dress up like one of their characters from the book they are presenting.
A suggested reading list is posted on our school website, Feel free to choose any of the books listed or choose books of your own. Remember parents, kids learn by watching, so pick up a book yourself and join in on the fun!
The tri-fold boards will be due in school on Monday, September 11th and our Reading Fair will be held on September 13th, 2017. Parents are invited to the Reading Fair during the Meet the Teacher Night. More information regarding the fair will be forthcoming.
Have a wonderful summer and enjoy your travels into the world of reading!
Monique Paniagua
Principal, P.S. 101Q